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What makes you happy? This is a question I've been asking myself my whole life, and for the most part I'd found out - I've been overwhelmingly blessed with the best family, friends and husband anyone could ask for.


But...for a while I'd felt there was something missing - a niggling feeling in the pit of my stomach that had me searching. I honestly didn't know what it was until I picked up fabrics and fell in love.... With Interiors.


Head over heels. The feeling of the different texture, I knew I was falling, capturing a moment that would otherwise have gone unseen, pretty light - it makes me swoon, it sets my heart on fire :) I never dreamed that I would get to do something I love this much, and the opportunity to share this joy with my clients has been the greatest privilege. To be allowed into the more intimate parts of peoples' lives, to bear witness, to make people laugh, to create something together that is beautiful - it's beyond what I have words to describe :) Luckily interiors tell the parts of the story where words fail.

I would love to share this world of happiness with you, and to have the opportunity to capture what sets YOUR heart on fire :).


Please take a look around my site, and get in touch if you'd like to know more.


Much love



About Just Natural Interiors

Just Natural is an Interior consulting firm specializing in interior design and space planning. We offer a complete design service with a modern and fresh approach to improve, interpret and style your home.


With our experienced designers, we offer a complete turnkey service coordinating every step of the design process, from conception to completion. Just Natural is all about improving the indoor and outdoor surroundings of a living or workplace to make your lives better. Decorating your home interiors not only gives you an aesthetic feel, but amends the whole atmosphere of the home. Interior ways influences the experience of our daily life. It maintains to create pragmatic and beautiful environments ameliorating the lives of people at home and work.


Interiors combine the basic fundamentals in which people lives and interact. It makes use of every corner in a living place so as to maximize its usage. Making interiors is not a tedious task, unless you work with your brains. Every bit space of a room is been targeted to pared down with a proper way of designing. We design around your needs...


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